Who am I ?

I am Cassandre ClĂ©on and I’m living in Martinique. I graduated in accounting. Now I am a writer. 🙂  


My trips :

My one-year stay in Ireland as a student is a landmark in my life. I left Martinique to practice English, with an eagerness to discover the world. I worked as an accountant in Dublin.

A cosmopolitan, exhilarating, humanly rewarding universe opened up for me in Ireland. I like interacting with other people, I think it’s a real learning experience.

My globe-trotting aspirations also took me to New-Zealand for a 2-week stay. There I braved my fear of heights and went bungee-jumping and skydiving.

The taste for adventure was exciting.

Leaving Ireland on my way back to Martinique, I took a big, one-and-a-half-month, 17-country European tour. Some of my dreams came true, like travelling to Egypt, Venice and Pompeii.



Interest in personal development :

Back to Martinique, I gradually  turned to personal development, to get some help as a family caregiver.



Actually, my mother suffered a cerebrovascular stroke. That trigger made me wonder about the fragility of life and the meaning I wanted to give to my own life. I learned that you need to take care of yourself first, in order to be able to take care of others. Also, I held on to my dreams.

When I did my skills check, the instructor told me I should write (a book). I was rather puzzled, and did not think I had anything to say. When my mother passed away, suddenly I had things to say. I wanted to share the fruit of these years of experience in personal development (Laughter Yoga Workshop, Mindfulness Meditation, reading, watching YouTube videos…), and above all, share my positivity.



My first book :

I drew on conscious autosuggestion, which I discovered in a workshop. To boost my positive routine, I developed my own method that I called the “aptitude challenge”. I wrote my very first book : « Aptitude Challenge » How to Boost A Positive Attitude !

I have created this blog to help you make the best of this book, but above all, to boost your positivity and self-esteem, and fuel your happiness. We all have hidden inner treasures that are eager to spring


The quote that inspires me :


John Lennon’s quote inspires me : “When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down “happy.” They told me I didn’t understand the assignment and I told them they didn’t understand life.”

Thank you for visiting my “Aptitude Challenge” blog.

I am happy to meet you and start this adventure with you ! 🙂

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